v.s. FUSE Search


Coveo is headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada with its claim to fame being AI-driven search.

What’s different about FUSE Search?


1. Connectors

Coveo has connectors for about a dozen different systems (in some cases multiple versions of the same system which makes the list seem larger). Most of these are backoffice-type software (e.g. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365). FUSE not only has connectors for Every. Single. System. Coveo has but also three times as many. Even more, FUSE’s connectors take your organization far beyond the backoffice to the software products you really want your users to engage with.

2. No Custom Work

Coveo suggests that an API is available to also allow for custom integration with other applications beyond the dozen or so they have available (see # 1, above). Who works with that Coveo API? Your development partner/agency? Your internal IT team? A services team at Coveo itself? Your costs don’t stop with Coveo as there may be other mouths to feed to bring your search to its happy place. FUSE, on the other hand, is turnkey end-to-end software as a service. You specify the systems FUSE must connect to then sit back and watch your search materialize.

3. Time to Market

How long will it take to connect to your “custom” software (see # 2, above)? With FUSE Search, we don’t see connecting to your systems as being a custom job - your cost is the same whether we’re connecting to something we’ve connected to time and time again or if it’s entirely new to us. FUSE’s time to market can’t be beat with your search being ready in a fraction of what it would be with Coveo. We’ve figured out a way to commoditize connecting to content platforms thanks to our business intelligence solutions heritage.

4. For your constituents or staff

Coveo focuses their technology on internal search and analysis needs. FUSE Search leads the market with focus on your end users - be it the public, paid members/subscribers, or your staff. Our unique framework was designed to deliver information from disparate sources in an almost impossibly efficient way. FUSE revolutionized the search market by driving down the overhead associated with enterprise search. We removed the ‘black, expensive, box’ associated with “insight engines” and “cognitive search” and leave client after client mystified that we were able to tackle complex search problems in a fraction of the time and budget that Coveo is able to.


Organizations look to FUSE over Coveo because sometimes the most expensive thing on the menu isn’t the best thing to order.


FUSE Search vs. Competitors