What's an uploader?

An uploader is a way for a user to launch Processors that operate on one or more files. Most FUSE clients do NOT use an uploader since we typically get to content using a combination of code and schedules. FUSE sets up an Uploader Preset by:

  1. associating it with an processor,

  2. giving permissions to users or teams to use it,

  3. overwriting any processor settings for when this uploader is used to launch it,

  4. adding descriptive language for users of the uploader.

A user then runs the uploader through FUSE Web by:

  1. opening the uploader tool,

  2. choosing the Uploader Preset,

  3. uploading the file(s) they want to use,

  4. giving the upload job a descriptive name.

Keep in mind that uploaders launch processors that write series through Jobs. All data must be written through a job, and uploaders are not an exception.