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"No one can find anything on our site" — sound familiar?

Time to FUSE-i-fy.

By 2019, 50% of analytic queries will be generated using search [or] natural-language processing... By 2022, information will proactively find [you]... — Gartner

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FUSE Search

Our flagship product. Easy to deploy federated search.


FUSE Content Hub

Display content by Audience, Topic, Type, or other means.


FUSE Dashboards

We’ve already got your data indexed - let’s create something internal or external facing.



Visualize your data using Google’s Maps API - great for directories.

FUSE works on any website and
searches all of your organization’s content no matter where it lives.

  • Here are videos from our YouTube and/or Vimeo channels that relate to your search,

  • Here are discussions from our community forum about your search,

  • Here are webpages in our CMS pertaining to your search,

  • Here are careers that deal with your search from our job board,

  • Here is professional development that matches your search in our LMS,

  • Here are members, products, and events from our AMS-based directory that align with your search,

  • Here are articles from our magazine or journal publisher that are all about your search..



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Engage Your Members. FUSE gives them that ”I didn’t know they had this content” moment. 

FUSE has dramatically increased the traffic to our journal and discussion forum sites - I wish we had done this years ago.
— E.K., Director at Medical-Focused Association
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FUse & your organization

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