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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you weigh certain search results?

Yes. That’s the beauty of FUSE. There’s no black box (ahem, Google Search Appliance, Mini, or Site Search or any number of other search products). You have full control over what shows up on top. We advise clients that it can take six to twelve months for your search to ‘mature’ in-market. This means that you’ll continue to refine it over time until you have it just. the. way. you. want. it. And the best part is FUSE will be with you each step of the way with no additional fees to pay or billable hours to worry about.

What happens when we have updates or changes after launch?

Bring ‘em on! We want you to be 100% happy with your search. At any time while you’re using and paying for FUSE, we're available to make changes, address issues, etc. This is part of the service you’re paying for. You'd simply shoot an email to support@fusesearch.com (creates a ticket in our help desk system) or call (844) 434-FUSE and we'll take care of you. And if there’s a problem with your search (e.g. broken connector because a vendor updated their API) it’s likely we’ll know about it before you do (and already be at work resolving it).

How can FUSE Search increase revenue?

Check out FUSE’s saved search option. Searchers (with accounts in your database) can “subscribe” to their searches and get scheduled emails when new content is available that matches their terms. Talk about member engagement!

How does billing work?

Once we receive the setup fee, we'll set to work building your search (typically 20 business days or less). Once the search widget is ready, we offer two rounds of revision. After the second round, we issue an invoice for the term of service requested. We’re happy to continue providing additional rounds of revision, however - we just expect payment after two of them!