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Integrated Federated Search

FUSE Search brings together relevant:

  • Discussions from your community forum

  • Webpages in your CMS

  • Careers from your job board

  • Professional development from your LMS

  • Members, products, and events from your AMS-based directory

  • Articles from our magazine or journal publisher that are all about your search

  • Videos from places like YouTube and Vimeo

  • Posts from social media


Subscribed Search

Tailored Queries delivered to your inbox

Some searches are complex, and some are easy. But what if all searches could be made equal? FUSE developed Subscribed Search so you can save your search filters and in one-click, instantly get the latest results. Even better FUSE Search will send you any updates to your subscribed searches.  This is next level personalization.

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Artificial Intelligence

Is all your content classified and tagged?

If you are like most organizations we have helped, probably not.

FUSE Search’s AI engine will learn the best methods for tagging and classifying and get better as time goes by. This is a huge timesaver and makes the process much more consistent at the same time.


Ready to Go

The TurnKey Federated Search Solution

Most of our competitors have Search products that are really just starter kits. The product price is just the beginning of the journey. FUSE Search is a turnkey solution. We have built connections to many of the content sources on the market and if we don’t have it already, we will build it as part of the service. We do all the work, no IT staff needed on your end.

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See how we’ve helped the Illinois State Bar Association and others.


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Admin Console - Ranking and Weighting

Organizations are always looking for an edge and let’s face it some content is more valuable than others. FUSE Search give you control over what content needs to be at or near the top of the results page. It can be driven by the priorities you set or crowd sourced by your members and visitors.

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Powerful Visualizations

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a sense of what the search results mean without seeing it visualized. For instance, when you see the data on a map, you get a sense where it is happening and its impact. Make your data fun and interactive by using Fuse’s dashboards and maps.

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We take information security seriously. That is why FUSE Search is designed to differentiate between member and nonmember content. Visitors appreciate that they can see small snippets of content even though they can’t access it till they subscribe. Knowing its’s there, reinforces the value of membership.


Additional features



Crawling content is fine and we do it well. However using the API is better. Our plug-n-play integrations wrangle root level data to create better experiences.

All Inclusive Service

On-going Support: The beauty of a SaaS product like FUSE Search is that you don’t have to worry about improvements, updates, support and hosting. All of that is covered in one price.

Google Analytics (GA)

Integrating FUSE Search for Associations with your Google Analytics (GA) account will enhance your analysis of member behavior by establishing a broader and deeper view of the member experience on your site.

GA tracks everything a visitor searches for and does on your website.  Great stuff and you may be looking at this data already.