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FUSE will need you to generate API keys for us. If you've never done this before it can seem a bit complicated.  Even though it's YouTube, Google centralizes all of its products’ API access under something called “Google APIs.”  So, you need to sign into the Google API Console - be sure to do this signed in as the target channel's admin.

You'll see language about billing - no worries since YouTube's API access quota is way above the # of requests we'll be making daily.  Google APIs generally only charges for use for applications that are making tens of thousands of requests regularly.

Warning: this is 20-30 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. If it starts getting too hot and heavy, feel free to share your YouTube credentials with us and we’ll take care of it.


We need to create credentials for a Server-wide Web App, so follow these instructions: developers.google.com/youtube/v3/guides/auth/server-side-web-apps.  Open this link and scroll down a bit to the 'Prerequisites' section.  Follow the instructions starting with # 1, opening the Library page.

  • Step 2 will ask you to create a project.  Look for the 'Select a project' pulldown menu near the top left of the screen.

  • Within the dialog that opens, select 'New Project' in the top right.  Give it a meaningful name like 'FUSE Search.'

  • Now select the project you just created from that pulldown menu and continue to Step 3.

The YouTube Data API will now be added to the project you created under bullet # 2.


It will be tempting to click the blue 'create credentials' button you see before you.  Instead, use the link to the 'Credentials page' back in the instructions under Step 1, above.  You should now be looking at the next section in those instructions, 'Create authorization credentials.'

  • You may get a warning that you need to configure the consent screen.  Do so and simply put 'FUSE Search' or whatever you named the project in the 'Product name shown to users' field then click Save (the other fields are not required).

  • After you select 'Web application' the name field should be something meaningful so you know who those creds are for (e.g. FUSE Search Dev Team).

  • Ignore the 2 fields under 'Restrictions.'


A dialog will open w/the Client ID and Client Secret.  Copy and paste both of those keys into an email to us!  For good measure, please also email us the JSON file - you can download this using the download icon/link that displays to the right after you dismiss the Client ID/Client Secret dialog - it's just below the delete/garbage can icon.

Phew! You did it! You’re a certified YouTube API nerd now. Congratulations!