FUSE SEARCH Integration

Sitefinity has roots back to Telerik - for all you .NET fans out there - which was all gobbled up by Progress Software, a $400mm company headquartered in Massachusetts, in 2016. A web service must be configured for FUSE (or you can use an existing one) -

If you're an administrator, log into Sitefinity's backend as you normally would and visit Administration > Web Services (under Settings & Configurations). Assuming you're an admin, fill out the Create a new web service form then send us the relevant endpoints you've set up. Until Sitefinity fixes a known web services authentication bug, we’ll also need a set of admin credentials for us to pre-authorize.

Supported Content over SItefinity’s API: News items, Blogs and Blog posts, Events and Calendars, Images and Image libraries, Videos and Video libraries, Documents and Document libraries, Lists and List items, Comments, Dynamic content, Shared content blocks, Flat and Hierarchical taxonomies, and Folders. To get at everything else (i.e. non-structured page content), we’ve made our own custom Sitefinity .dll which powers a FUSE Sitefinity API we access at https://yourdomain/fuseapi